Top tourists attractions in South America

The Latin American countries are often frequented with tourists from all across the world. In 2015, Mexico ranked first with 32.09 million tourists, followed by Brazil with 6.31 million tourists. South America is a vast yet under-explored continent, and it was once the home of a few of the world’s most ancient civilizations. With deep history and inexplicable charm and elegance, each of the South American cities seems to plead to be explored. Regardless of whether you are a wanderer or simply love to enjoy your holidays with family and friends, a South America tour would be an ideal way to spend your vacation.

Motivation driving to visit South America

With great and luscious Amazonian jungles and stately waterfalls, sumptuous cuisine and fascinating landscape, a trip to South America would be a lifetime experience for all who visit this majestic continent. For those travelers who crave for more, here are a few more reasons to arrange for a trip to South America right away.

A journey rich in tradition

A few of the elegantly preserved cities across the world can proffer matchless insights into the history of the region. Some of the instances are the port city and former capital of Salvador in Brazil, contested place of Colonia in Uruguay, Cuenca in Equador, Cartegena in Columbia, Inca capital of Cuzco in Peru to name a few. These cities hold a panorama of their legacy, whether it has stemmed from the colonial invasions or has been there from early settlements; they have an identity of their own.

Best in class modern cities

You may have seen majestic and stunning pictures of the famous Rio de Janeiro which is a home to 6 million residents. But did you know that there are cities that are far larger than this? Take, for instance, the largest city of Brazil, Sao Paulo is a home to 21 million people, and it is an overwhelming metropolis acting as the country’s financial capital as well as a home to grand museums, delicious dining along with a sprawling skyline. Buenos Aires, often called as The Paris of South America, is a bustling city tucked with its rich tradition and culture and deserves to be visited once in a lifetime when you go for your South America tour.

Unparalleled wildlife experience

South America is an abode to a good number of ecosystems, and therefore, it offers incomparable wildlife encounters. Right from 1859, when Charles Darwin published his great Theory of Evolution, Galapagos Islands have started capturing the imaginations of the adventure seekers across the world. Located off the Equador Coast, this group of volcanic islands hosts virtually a ceaseless number of birds, animals and aquatic wildlife. And the best part is that due to the absence of local predators, the animals are not afraid of humans, which allows you to go really close to them and capture some impressive snapshots.

So what can be better reasons to plan for a South America tour? More than these tourist attractions, these places need to be visited for their undiscovered and unrivaled scenic beauty.

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